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Principal's Corner

Middle Valley Elementary Under Construction Phase II

Middle Valley Elementary Under Construction Phase II

 Dear Parents,

I want to welcome you and your child (ren) to one of the best places to learn, grow, and achieve…Middle Valley Elementary School. As a school community, we are excited to partner with you to provide a positive and productive learning environment for your children.

This summer, I worked with my administrative team to develop a signature initiative that will focus on strengthening our school's culture and climate.

The goal of this initiative is to create a community of empowered and engaged students and teachers through building connections and mindfulness with strong professional development and an intentional focus on student success.

We ended our first year, A Year of New Beginnings, with Great Successes to celebrate!

·         We recognized 370 students last year for demonstrating positive character at MVE.

·         We selected our Middle Valley Marvels Safety Squad to provide positive student role models.

·         We held two Sparkle Days to welcome and encourage students as they arrived on our campus.

·         We rewarded 30 students with brand-new bicycles donated by Academy Sports for demonstrating Random Acts of Kindness.

·         89% of our students read One Million words as participants in the County Mayor’s Read 20 Initiative. We received $10,000 for our school library for having the largest percentage in the district.

·         More than 900 students and family members participated in our first Family Literacy Night. We all CAMPED OUT WITH A GOOD BOOK!

·         We had a successful and fun Grandparents’ Day.

·         Our students participated in several STEM days led and sponsored by community leaders and businesses.

·         More than 300 students participated in the DeYoung’s Diners. These students demonstrated effort to improve in some area of focus (Academic, behavior, attitude, character…).

I look forward to another year of Great Successes as we focus on Empowering and Engaging our Students!


Mrs. Allyson Steelman DeYoung, Principal