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2017-2018 5th Grade Supply List
Posted On:
Monday, July 10, 2017

Middle Valley Elementary

5th Grade Supply List


     2 Rolls of paper towels

     2 Sets of 4 dry erase markers

     1, 1.5”  Binder with clear front and back plastic cover:


     4 Durable plastic pocket folders with prongs-solid colors

     1 Package of dividers

     6 Composition notebooks

     Flat clip clipboard

     2 Clorox Wipes

     2 Boxes of Kleenex tissues

     Color pencils for student to keep


     1 Pencil pouch to hold: pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, color pencils and scissors

     3 Packs of sharpened pencils for classroom and 1 pack of sharpened pencils for your child to keep

     1 Pack of cap erasers

     1 Pack of highlighters

     1 Pack of red pens

     2 packs Elmer’s glue sticks

     1 Box of quart or gallon Ziploc baggies

     2 Reams of white and 1 ream colored copy paper (not cardstock)

     2 Packs of loose leaf notebook paper for classroom and as much as your child needs for the year

     Two packs of individually wrapped candy (no nuts)

     1 Pack of page protectors

     Boys- 1 Pack of band-aids

     Girls- 1 bottle of germ-x


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