Students must use taste in the selection of their clothes and hair styles, thereby maintaining neatness, cleanliness and self-respect so that the school is a desirable place in which to promote learning and character development.

  • All students must wear tennis shoes or other shoes appropriate for active play. This is for the child's safety and comfort. Only soft-soled boots are permitted. Cowboy boots, high-heeled shoes and boots, hard-soled shoes/boots, flip flops and sandals are NOT permitted.
  • No head gear (hats, bandannas, etc.) may be worn inside the building. These items need to be placed in book bags during the school day. This applies to boys and girls.
  • Shorts and skirts will be allowed according to the following criteria:

                     Fit must be appropriate

                     Length must be 1" below index finger when hands are by the side.

  • If leggings are worn, they must be covered by a loose fitting top that is past the top of the legs in length.
  • No holes in clothing will be permitted. Patches are suggested for extremely worn clothing.
  • Shirts must conform to the following guidelines:

                      No spaghetti strap shirts. (All tops should cover the torso at ALL times.)

                      Shirts may not contain inappropriate or suggestive advertisements, slogans or pictures. (No inappropriate language or advertising of alcohol or tobacco.)

  • Make-up is not allowed except for programs or performances.
  • Hair must not disrupt the educational process. In matters of opinion, judgement of administration will prevail.
  • Piercings: ear lobe piercings are acceptable. For safely reasons, no hoop or dangling earrings are allowed. All other body piercings are prohibited.

Upon a violation of the dress code, the parent will be notified and expected to come to the school and bring suitable dress for their child to change into. Continued violation may necessitate a conference with the child and the parents, which could lead to an out-of-school suspension. In matters of opinion, the judgement of the administration will prevail.