Anglin Williams

​Hello, everyone! We have a new text and assignment choices for this week.  In honor of the Easter holiday, we have selected the Patricia Polacco book Rechenka's Eggs.   This is a favorite of mine, and I am  so excited to see which activities you choose to complete.  

 Continued Learning for March 30 - April 2



1. Lessons on iReady: Please complete any TWO  for the week.

2. Watch the video for a read aloud of Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco. PDF of the book is available here.

When the story is finished, choose TWO of the following activities to complete by the end of the week. Send pictures/documents of activities to Ms.Williams when finished or share them at the Weekly ELA Zoom meeting.

Click here for the activity choices to complete. You may either print out the activities to complete them, or recreate the activities on blank paper.

3. Take the QUIZ for Rechenka’s Egg included with the activities document. (Pages 12 and 13)

4. Read for 20 minutes a day and fill out Read 20 log. When you do iReady or any other assignment where you are READING for 20 minutes or more, that counts as your Read 20! 

Optional: Respond to your daily reading. 

  • Write a summary about what you have read this week. 

  • Draw a picture of your favorite scene in the book, and write why. 

  • Describe and illustrate the main character. What do you like about the main character? Dislike? 

  • If you complete these, send pictures of them to your reading teachers! We’d love to see them! 



  • Below is the link for a blank Read 20 Log to use for April.  Either highlight the link and then right-click to access the form OR go to the "Useful Links" tab and then select "Blank Read 20 Log".


My availability hours are 9:00 - 11:00 am and 1:00 - 3:00 pm .  Throughout the rest of the day I will be planning, prepping, etc.  I will try my best to respond during evening hours, but If I am unable to, I will respond the following day during my availability hours.

My recurring Zoom meeting code is:  601755993      Password:  937825

 Homeroom Zoom Meetings Daily at 9:00 am - just to touch base and begin our day together (my homeroom class only).

ELA Weekly Zoom Meetings on Fridays with individual homerooms to discuss our text of the week and to share our responses/completed activities.
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         Lumley 11:00 am


My homeroom meets with Mrs. Miller on Mondays at 11:00 am

Mrs. Lumley holds Math meetings on Wednesdays at either 1:00 pm or 6:00 pm
Do not attend both, just pick the time that works for you.
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