Social Studies

Social Studies

Week of March 30-April 2

     We are living in an historical time.  Did you know that right now you are an eyewitness to this event, Corona Virus (Covid-19)?
     As a personal eyewitness, you are a valuable part of how this event will be remembered. Twenty years from now, kids your age will be reading and studying it. 
      So your assignment is to write a journal entry each day of the things that you do, think, and feel. It doesn’t have to be long. You can include pictures, doodles, etc, also.

     Please send me your journal entries at the end of the week to my email: or through Dojo.

Here is my example:

Friday, March 20, 2020

Today is rainy and gloomy. It is the end of our first week of teaching and learning from home as a result of a new virus, COVID-19, which has closed the schools in Hamilton County Tennessee as well as many across the United States and other countries. It has been a big adjustment for all. People have been told to stay home if possible to prevent the spread of this illness. Stores have run out of toilet paper and cleaning supplies! I have learned a new skill: how to virtually meet with students, parents, and my principal. I have prepared lessons, answered emails, and created webpages to assist in on-line learning.  I miss being at school with the kids and my colleagues. I miss the hugs and smiles.  Each day President Trump gives a news briefing at noon to update our country on the latest information. I am looking forward to when life will get back to normal.