Social Studies

Week of April 13-17


The Civil War has ended. What was life like afterwards for the people in the North and the South? That is what you will be learning about this week.  Take the quiz once you have finished all of the daily work. There is a writing assignment for Day 5.  We will discuss the information in the articles during our Monday Meeting on 4/20. I have included the questions after the daily reading. You do not need to write the answers down.

These assignments will also be uploaded to Google Classroom if you wish to access them from there.  Just do whichever is easiest for you. Keep up the hard work! I am proud of you!

Day 1

Watch the following Brain pop video about Reconstruction.

Take the quiz afterwards to see what you remember.

Brainpop            Username:   ganns1                       Password: roadrunners

Days 2 -4 Read Articles in the Studies Weekly Newspaper

Download Studies Weekly, Week 29, The Aftermath from the link below. You will be using these articles throughout the rest of the week.

You may have to “Start Free Trial” to access the articles

Take Quiz (Completion Grade)

Day 5 Writing

Choose One

  • Opinion Writing: Do you think sharecropping was a fair occupation for former slaves? Why or why not? Write a multi-paragraph essay supporting your opinion.
  • Informative/Explanatory Writing: Write about Lincoln’s assassination and Johnson taking over the presidency.
  • Narrative Writing: Suppose you live in the South after the Civil War. Your area is destroyed. Do you stay or try to move away? Why? Tell about what your life is like.
  • Journal Writing: Write a journal entry about what your life has been like this week.  How are you feeling? What have you done?  What did you enjoy/do for fun? What do you miss?
  • Take a picture of your writing and send it to me by 4/20.