Dress Code Information

DRESS CODE- In matters of opinion, judgment of administration will prevail.

Students must use taste in the selection of their clothes and hair styles, thereby maintaining neatness, cleanliness and self-respect so that the school is a desirable place in which to promote learning and character development.

● All students must wear tennis shoes. This is for the child’s safety and comfort.
● Rain boots may be worn to school. However, students will be required to change into their dry tennis shoes inside the school building.
● Any accessories must be worn appropriately and not interfere with the learning environment.
● Shorts and skirts will be allowed according to the following criteria:
o Fit must be appropriate.
o Length must be 1” below index finger when hands are by the side.
● If leggings are worn, they must be covered by a loose-fitting top that is past the top of the legs in length.
● Shirts must fit appropriately and cover the torso at all times.
o Shirts may not contain inappropriate or suggestive advertisements, slogans or pictures. (No inappropriate language or advertising of alcohol or tobacco).
● Hair must not disrupt the educational process.
● Piercings – For safety reasons, no hoop or dangling earrings are allowed.

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